'Dental Clinic' specialist center



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The 'Dental Clinic' specialist center is a constituent part of the Faculty of Medicine of Banja Luka University which provides professional specialist studies and training to dental students and offers dental services to the general public. 

The mission of the 'Dental Clinic' is to provide primary education of future dentists and residents more oriented towards practice, with a view to having technical skills specific for certain professional areas independently and creatively applied.

The task is to organize and provide research and professional studies, education of dental students and residents, enabling them mobility during their studies, according to the Bologna process, within the scope of European higher education and ensuring them equal position in Europe after they graduate.

In terms of contents, the 'Dental Clinic' offers theoretical and applied knowledge, including student training.

The 'Dental Clinic' provides services to the general population in all fields of dentistry: Tooth Diseases and Endodontics, Dental Prosthetics, Periodontology and Oral Medicine, Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Jaw Orthopaedics. Services are provided by the faculty members - professors, assistant professors, senior instructors, and specialists from all of the above-mentioned fields of dentistry.

In the 'Dental Clinic', in the modern Dental Laboratory, all types of prosthetics and orthodontic appliances are being produced.

The 'Dental Clinic' also has an RTG apparatus, for intraoral and extraoral x-rays, thus contributing to the diagnostics and therapy plan for dental diseases alike. Patients may get all the services at one place.


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