Banja Luka Faculty of Medicine has turned thirty-six this year, working successfully as the oldest higher education institution of its kind in the region.

It was first established on 17 March 1978, at the initiative of the University of Banja Luka and by Decision No 01-012-33/78 (Official Gazette, 3/78) of Banja Luka Municipal Assembly, with a view to educating university degree experts holding the professional title of doctor of medicine and the first lecture was held on 15 November 1978.

The Faculty of Medicine starts the initiative to establish the study program Pharmacy following in the footsteps of the success of the study program of medicine and dentistry. At the proposal of the University of Banja Luka, the study program Pharmacy at Banja Luka Faculty of Medicine was established on 17 July 1995 by Decision No UP-02-07/95 of the RS Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for the profile of Master in Pharmacy. Classes at this study program started in the academic year 1995/96.

In 2007, the Faculty of Medicine started the initiative to establish the Study Program Health Care and Nursing, which was accomplished based on the Decision of the RS Ministry of Education and Culture (operating license No 07.23/602-3900/09). Classes at this study program started in the academic year 2007/2008. The profile for which students are educated is Bachelor in Health Care and Nursing. 

As part of its activities, the Faculty of Medicine organizes and delivers training and performs scientific research in order to educate and provide professional development to graduates and postgraduates in medical sciences. It organizes and performs scientific research for acquiring the professional title of medical specialist and academic degree of master in medical sciences and the academic degree of doctor in medical sciences.

The Faculty of Medicine perfects and develops the methods of scientific research, organizes systemic monitoring of professional and scientific achievements and prepares the staff for independent work in their respective professions and in scientific research. The Faculty organizes and provides continuing professional development for healthcare staff to keep abreast of modern developments in the field and in particular it is engaged in raising and professional development of young scientists and teachers, in line with the Higher Education Reform. It also takes part in scientific and research projects in all medical disciplines. It participates in the project of reforming faculties of medicine in BiH in line with the Bologna Declaration and the European Higher Education Reform.

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