Office of the University Registrar

Office of the Faculty Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar performs the following activities:

  • enrolment of students into the first year of studies
  • registration of students for the next terms
  • registration of term/semester as completed
  • entry for an exam
  • keeping of registers
  • receipt of applications and issuance of certificates
  • admission of students
  • issuance of different documents relevant for the students (dormitories, credits, scholarships...)

  Tel. 051/234-100    

Staff at the Faculty:  

 Lawyer Milka Vukmirović, Secretary of the Faculty- ext. 112    

Zorica Galić, Technical Secretary of the Faculty - ext. 101  

 Lawyer Dragoslava Bjelajac, Head of Office of the University Registrar - ext. 106    

Nada Ančić, Dentistry and Pharmacy Officer - ext. 142    

Branka Galić, Medicine Officer - ext. 140    

Igor Vinčić, Health Care and Nursing Officer - ext. 143

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