Međunarodna saradnja

CEEPUS - Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies


Image Processing, Information Engineering & Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange

Contact: Prof. Lana Nežić, Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka


Introduction to medical image formats and medical networking, medical interdisciplinary imaging (especially Nuclear Medicine versus Radiology) software engineering in medicine, introduction to telemedicine and telemedicine applications, introduction to remote academic support for PhD students, knowledge transfer in the field of noninvasive pediatric procedures and advanced patient care, radiation protection, and procedure optimization. Additionally the technique of lung sonography in preterm babies and neonates a part of a multicenter trial as well as management of minor head trauma. Moreover, a novel laboratory technique for quantifying radiation-induced DNA double strain breaks following imaging is applied. 3D Printing represents a challenging new application which is not fully exploited in medicine - thus using the expertise of the engineering partners should enable medical partners to use that technology more efficiently.

Project description available at PDF.

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