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Production of multifunctional as nanoparticles and development of appropriate characterization techniques

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Contact: Prof. Valentina Veselinović, Division of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka

An upscaled version of our current demo ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (usp) will be set up for production of multifunctional as nanoparticles (M-GNPS) at Zlatarna Celje, Slovenia. New protocols for characterization techniques of M-GNPS will be developed in order to obtain the required final properties. The use of nanoparticles is expected to increase greatly in various products on the market for consumer electronics, automobiles, aerospace, sporting goods, household cleaning materials, foods, construction, and biomedicine. Therefore, functionalized generated M-GNPs will be assessed within the consortium using well-developed in vitro and in vivo models for their applicability in these areas. The results from biological examinations will provide the opportunity to generate unique M-GNP products on the market with proven applicability for their specific biomedical applications in dentistry and photothermal cancer therapy.


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