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CA COST Action CA16112

Personalized Nutrition in aging society: redox control of major age-related diseases

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Members of Committee: Milkica Grabež, Vesna Rudić Grujić; Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka

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Short description: The main aim of the NutRedOx network is the gathering of experts from across Europe, including other Mediterranean countries, and from different disciplines that are involved in the study of biological redox active food components and are relevant to the aging organism, its health, function, and vulnerability to disease. Together, these experts will form a major and sustainable EU-wide cluster in form of the “NutRedOx Centre of Excellence” able to address the topic from different perspectives, with the long-term aim to provide a scientific basis for (improved) nutritional and lifestyle habits, to train the next generation of multidisciplinary researches in this field, to raise awareness of such habits among the wider population, and also to engage with Industry to develop age-adequate foods and medicines.

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