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CA COST Action CA17104

CA COST Action CA17104

New diagnostic and therapeutic tools against multidrug-resistant tumors

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Members of Committee: Lana Nežić, Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka;

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This Action will build the first multidisciplinary network, including academic laboratories, research institutes, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with a wide range of excellent and non overlapping expertise, aiming at improving at the same time the diagnosis and therapy of multidrug-resistant (MDR) solid tumors. Until now, there is fragmented knowledge of biomarkers and therapeutic tools used against MDR tumors; there are not algorithms predictive/diagnostic of MDR tumors ex-ante; all the past therapies against MDR tumors failed. The key challenge of this Action is to fill these gaps, by producing a comprehensive, open and user-friendly platform of knowledge on MDR tumors, identifying new diagnostic/predictive biomarkers, producing new and safe compounds applicable to personalized treatments of MDR tumors. Second, by creating fruitful collaborations between basic and industrial research, we will give an impulse to the creation of new Start-up and SMEs in Europe. Finally, the Action aims at raising the level of European research on MDR, reducing the disparity in the research quality between EU countries and ITC, providing the necessary training for European early stage researchers (ESRs) to grow as future independent research leaders, regardless of location, age or gender.

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