First Aid Section



The First Aid Section provides the basics of first aid and the realistic presentation of injuries, conditions, diseases, as well as situations that we may encounter in everyday life. This is achieved through education and participation in projects organised by related associations and student unions.

The education of participants consists of theoretical and practical teaching which requires the involvement of students in performing a series of thematic units. The aim is to master the skills of first aid using interactive teaching principles, with an emphasis on the field of Basic Life Support. Instructors and senior students undergo additional training during which they gain knowledge in the field of Advanced Life Support.

Each summer, education is being provided to foreign exchange students in Banja Luka and students from other faculties. However, the work with children and elderly is also significant. Of the various projects in which the members of the Section participate, the most interesting are the ones where exercises are demonstrated.  

The Section was established in 2006 and has during its existence achieved numerous successes in competitions organised by the Red Cross at local, regional, the RS and national levels. Improvisation, speed and psychological support to the injured are especially emphasized, given that injuries and conditions are often unique and seem unusual, but they can happen to anyone.

In addition to the mentioned activities, volunteering is also an activity of the Section, including medical support on numerous events and manifestations significant to the public. Often travel around the whole country is therefore required. 

Currently new activities are planned, in addition to the training of new participants, for which all interested students can apply, from the beginning of October each year, through the website of the faculty or in the scriptorium of the Student Union.