The Dean’s Note

Prof. dr Ranko Skrbic


Dear Colleagues,

by enrolling on the Faculty of Medicine, you start your professional and academic education. This is a major milestone in your lives since you enter the world of bio-medical sciences and  train in one of the most humane fields of human enterprise.

The Faculty of Medicine offers integrated, 6-year academic studies, with junior years providing students with basic bio-medicine teaching subjects, in order for them to master the structure, organisation, and function of respective human organs and organ systems, equipping them with the knowledge necessary for entering the world of clinical medicine in senior years. The teaching process consists of lectures, a large amount of practical work, seminars, and office hours, and it demands that one invest an enormous effort, renunciation, and dedication in it. This approach to studying opens new perspectives in terms of professional and academic development.

On this path, you can count on your professors and teaching assistants to navigate you successfully through the intricate labyrinth of medical sciences and to set an example for you in this responsible profession.

Firmly believing in the idea that knowledge equals power, with education being the most powerful weapon one can wield, the Faculty of Medicine wishes you a warm welcome and success in your academic studies.

Prof. dr sc. med. Ranko Skrbic
Your Dean