Student Union of the Faculty of Medicine

The Student Union has existed since 1978, ie. from the day when the Faculty of Medicine of Banja Luka was founded.

Organisation management:

  • President of the Student Union Vladan Gačić
  • Vice President Kenan Ćemal
  • President of the Student Union Assembly Dženis Čaušević
  • Secretary General Diana Duka
  • Student Vice Dean of the Health Care Department Siniša Karakaš 
  • Student Vice Dean of the Pharmacy Department Miljana Nukić
  • Student Vice Dean of the Dentistry Department Kenan Ćemal
  • Student Vice Dean of the Medicine Department Sonja Trbojević


Currently, the Student Union of the Faculty of Medicine is an organisation whose main goal is to protect the rights and interests of students of all four departments of the Faculty of Medicine and to improve study conditions. One of the main functions and efforts of the Student Union is the improvement of the teaching process. The Student Union can be praised as one of the most organised and strongest unions in the region, that the members have been the initiators and founders of the Student Parliament of the University of Banja Luka, that they help the MF students in attending congresses and seminars around the world, etc. In addition to this, the Student Union animates students by providing them the opportunity to get involved and actively work through six sections, so that currently there are approximately 2,500 members, of which over 100 are active members.


  1. RED CROSS SECTION (RCS). The Red Cross Section was established in 2004 to provide the Faculty of Medicine student the opportunity to learn how to provide first aid properly. Overtime, this section has grown stronger and currently, has about 100 members, about ten first aid instructors, realistic presentation of injuries, conditions and diseases, reproductive health and safety and water rescue.  Only in the previous school year, approximately 150 students have had first aid education. Every year, the best participants take part in city, the RS and state competitions where they have shown knowledge beyond competition. Annually, seven cycles of education are organised and interested parties can apply at the premises of the Student Union of the Faculty of Medicine. Coordinator: Miloš Kontić 
  2. JOURNALISTIC SECTION (JS). The Journalistic section started its work again in July 2007.  The focus of the Section is work on the “Lymph”, the journal of medical students. The journal is published once per semester and this far, two issues have been published. The Lymph has the concept of a student magazine, comprising texts about Union activities, student issues, University news, etc. The Section has 16 permanent members and a dozen other external associates, including students, coordinators from other sections, professors from the Faculty of Medicine, as well as doctors from the Banja Luka KBC. Coordinator: Marko Bates
  3. SECTION FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (SFSR). After a longer break, the Section for Scientific Research started its work in June 2006 and currently has 20 members. Our students have been active and passive participants at congresses across Europe and the world. Coordinator: Nataša Bednarčuk E-mail:
  4. SPORTS SECTION (SS). The Sports Section was established in 2000 and currently has approximately 80 members in 7 subsections (sports): football, basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, tennis and chess. The teams have participated in numerous competitions, among which the Univerzijada and the Medicinijada stand out. Athletics and chess are the sports which have received most trophies. All interested parties can become members at the premises of the Student Union of the Faculty of Medicine. Coordinator: Damir Puškar